Modern progressive man making sure everyone knows it

A MAN who believes in total gender equality takes every available opportunity to mention it.

Stephen Malley, 38, who works part time and looks after the kids for two days a week wants you to know that he’s totally fine with it unlike those other men for whom tired gender stereotypes still exist.

Malley said: “If Suzie wants to focus on her career I can take care of the domestic side. I see myself as very ‘role-fluid’, whether than means mopping the floor or even changing a nappy that has an actual human shit in it.

“I don’t need to detail all the progressive things I do because cooking, cleaning and regular sensitive lovemaking shouldn’t be confined to a man or a woman.

“This morning, for example, I made my wife a cup of tea without her even asking. Because I’m all about subverting gender norms.”

Malley’s wife Suzi said: “Steve plays a lot of Call of Duty late into the night. So he’s a modern progressive guy who also needs to violently kill a lot of virtual humans.”