Muse album cover sparks collapse of capitalism

CAPITALISM collapsed this morning, following the unveiling of Muse’s incendiary new album cover.

The cover – which fearlessly depicts a big grey fist controlling a joystick-headed robo-man – has sparked global revolution, with millions attacking banks and parliament buildings, claiming Muse have finally opened the world’s eyes to the truth.

Protestor Nathan Muir said: “I’d always assumed that money and corporations and CCTV and stuff like that were probably fine. But then, on Saturday, someone showed me the cover art for Drones, Muse’s seventh studio album.

“I was just like, ‘woah’. My entire worldview was instantly flipped on its head, and I suddenly found myself beyond the looking glass.

“I went straight out to assassinate my local MP and torch the nearest Halfords.”

US president Barack Obama, who resigned this morning, said: “I am little more than a blinkered corporate marionette, and I have Muse to thank for giving me my life back.”

Speaking from the smouldering remains of the New York Stock Exchange, banker Norman Steele said: “Muse’s fiercely intelligent and subversive album artwork has finally brought the establishment to its knees.

”Capitalism is over, finished, a distant fever dream. All fat cats like me can do now is cower in terror as the western political system is heroically re-modelled by an inexplicably popular stadium rock band.”