Nastiest men on Tinder identifiable by use of phrase ‘nice guy’

THE worst men on Tinder can be easily identified with the use of a simple two word phrase in their profile, sociologists have revealed.

An extensive analysis of the dating app found that the nastiest male users were helpfully marking themselves out to potential matches by claiming to be “nice guys”.

Researcher Dr Julianne Cook explained: “It’s an immediate red flag. If you see the phrase ‘just a nice guy’, ‘one of the good guys’ or any variant thereof, he is a monster and you should swipe left immediately.

“Our studies found that conversations with these men tend to deteriorate quickly, going from calling a woman ‘princess’ or ‘so beautiful’ to ‘a fucking bitch’ and bombarding her with unsolicited dick pics within 12 hours.”

Advice for male Tinderers includes avoiding women who only have pouty selfies as profile pictures, as this is a sign they have driven all their friends and family away with self-obsessed behaviour.

Potential dates, both male and female, who say they “love to laugh” are statistically likely to be the most tedious people you will ever meet.

Meanwhile those “looking for a partner in crime” are unlikely to have done anything more rebellious than getting a henna tattoo on an all-inclusive holiday.