Neighbours delighted man’s friend beeped car horn 15 times as he left last night

A MAN’S neighbours are glad his friend was able to beep his car horn numerous times last night as way of saying goodbye.

Julian Cook invited mate Martin Bishop over for dinner and drinks with their respective partners before Bishop left at 12.56am with the jolly honking farewell.

Neighbour Emma Bradford said: “It’s just so nice he was able to affirm his friendship and show appreciation for the evening. I don’t mind that I had an early shift at the hospital.

“It was so cheery and uplifting it was as if he was beeping his horn because England had won the World Cup or it was New Year’s Eve in central London.

“And not a cul-de-sac in Stevenage on a fucking Wednesday night.”

Cook’s other neighbour Roy Hobbs said: “I was just on the cusp of deep sleep so I woke in a panic thinking it was a three-minute warning by the government about a nuclear attack.

“I was halfway down the stairs with a hammer looking for Russian paratroopers before I came to my senses. Still, so long as they had a good night.”