Northern dad pretends he forgot son asked for glass of wine in local pub

A NORTHERN Dad has pretended he forgot that his son asked for a glass of red wine in their local pub and just bought him a pint instead.

Bill McKay took his son Paul out for a drink to his local after Paul came back home from ‘the South’ for the weekend.

Bill McKay said: “I did clearly hear him say, ‘I’ll have a large glass of red please, Dad’.

“But for some reason when Norman, the landlord asked me what I was having I said, ‘two pints of usual please, Gary’.

“Then when I took them back to our table I had to go, ‘Oh, you asked for a wine, didn’t you? I’m sure I’m getting bleedin’ dementia or something’.

“I know he didn’t believe me but I’m pretty sure he enjoyed both the pint and not embarrassing me.”