Part-time smokers unveil plan to steal lighters

PART-time smokers have announced plans to light the filter end and then pocket a lighter at some point this week.

With Christmas nights out in full flow it is thought that, along with lighting the filter end and stealing lighters, not buying your own cigarettes will also be on the rise.

Part-time smoker, Martin Bishop said: “I only smoke when I drink and at Christmas.

“This is also the time when I like to steal your lighter while looking right at you because I know that you smoke regularly and it will be a pain in the arse for you.”

Fellow part time smoker, Emma Bradford added: “Nothing says part-time, festive smoker like lighting the filter end and puffing away for a good minute or so before realising.

“And then I’ll ask for another one. Cigarettes are so cheap, aren’t they?”