Regret spreading across face of woman who just bit into Creme Egg

A WOMAN’S excitement at eating a Creme Egg is visibly turning to remorse.

Onlookers saw Nikki Hollis remove the Creme Egg from her bag and regard it with shiny-eyed anticipation. She excitedly tore off the foil and held the chocolate object to her lips, before biting into it and releasing the vile gloop inside.

Witness Susan Traherne said: “The moment that synth-fondant hit her tastebuds, she knew she’d made a terrible mistake.

“It must have been a long time since she’d had a Creme Egg, and she’d clearly forgotten the weird industrial goo that lurks within.

“Regret became fear as she realised she’d have to eat the whole thing, because you can’t throw away a Creme Egg once you’ve started it.”

Others observed that Hollis appeared to be getting the hang of the Creme Egg, possibly due to it attacking her brain.

Tom Logan, sitting opposite, said: “The first three bites were hard going, but she’s committed now. She’s into the yellow stuff.”

As she forced down the last of the sticky chocolate shell, a triumphant Hollis wiped her mouth with her sleeve and reached into her bag for a second Creme Egg.