Urban explorer fascinated by quite boring places

AN urban explorer has admitted being strangely fascinated by dull places such as store rooms, telephone exchanges and water pumping stations.

Imagine when it looked quite similar

The 33-year-old graphic designer Tom Logan spends most of his spare time being unaccountably thrilled by locations he would not consider visiting if they were in use.

Logan said: “Last night I sneaked into a disused toilet warehouse. It’s completely empty now, but the thought of all those toilets just sitting there waiting to be put in lorries gave me an incredible rush.

“A week ago I explored a tube station that’s been closed since 1951. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen, except the functioning tube station I go to every day to get to work.

“You could almost feel the ghosts of people walking past you, wondering if they were going to be late for work or wishing they’d been to the toilet before they left the house.”

Logan said his most memorable urban expedition had involved breaking into a World War 2 bunker after three weeks of careful planning, although he later discovered it was free to visit during the day.

He said: “During the war it would have been full of telephone operators transferring calls and gossiping about each other. It’s almost impossible to imagine that sort of thing nowadays.”

However Logan admitted urban exploration had its risks, such as the time he broke both his legs and spent 19 weeks in a coma after falling through the floor of a derelict mop factory.

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Moyes’s CV does not mention Manchester United

DAVID Moyes did not reveal his former role at Manchester United to his new employers, it has emerged.

Hobbies include going to the cinema and worrying

Real Sociedad officials were impressed by Moyes’s application, which detailed his achievements at Preston and Everton before listing ‘June 2013 – April 2014: Absolutely nothing at all’.

When interviewers quizzed him on this period, Moyes reddened and mumbled even more incomprehensibly than usual about doing some work as a scapegoat.

Real Sociedad president Jokin Aperribay said: “It’s news to us that he managed Manchester United. You’d have expected him to mention that seeing as they are such a prestigious club, maybe he didn’t want to show off.

“It’s odd because there are only around 10 months unaccounted for in his CV and that really isn’t long to manage a top club for.”

Moyes has already unveiled that his assistant manager at Real Sociedad will be Google Translate.

Aperribay said: “David came into the office with Google Translate to thank us for the opportunity.

“Translate was very courteous and I think they’ll work well together. Then he said something about sardines and my cousin, which I didn’t appreciate.”

A group of wealthy Manchester United fans are said to be plotting to send a plane with a banner to northern Spain to wish Moyes all the best in his new job.