Whole carriage overjoyed as man running for train narrowly misses it

PASSENGERS on a train are rejoicing after a man desperately running to catch it failed to do so. 

Commuter Emma Bradford confirmed that the whole carriage was ‘buzzing’ as the man, laden with bags, sprinted frantically for the closing doors and even ran alongside the moving train for a few moments before collapsing in defeat.

She continued: “The moment when he thought he’d made it and was hammering the button before it began to move off was my highlight, though I know some people got more from the initial wild dash.”

Nurse Susan Traherne agreed: “I’d just finished an 18-hour shift and was dead on my feet, but watching the despair dawn in his darting eyes really put a spring in my step.

“We were all craning our necks to watch him as we sped away and everyone was talking about it even when we left the train, laughing like it was Christmas morning. I hope he missed a plane.”

Train driver Norman Steele said: “Absolutely joyous. Best part of the job.”