Friday, 6th December 2019

Woman now showing too many pictures of her dog

A WOMAN is now showing too many pictures of her new dog, co-workers have confirmed.

Nikki Hollis returned to work from the weekend having bought a puppy named Ralph, and quickly alienated every one of her colleagues.

Manager Helen Archer said: “Seeing one photo of a dog is nice. Amusing, even. Five? Still fine. But 30? F*ck off.

“It’s not like it’s dressed like a little sailor or saving a kid from a lake. It’s just standing there.”

Tom Booker said: “I nodded and smiled at the first few but she just wouldn’t stop. As I was slowly swivelling my chair around she followed the side of my face with her phone until it was between my eyes and my screen.”

Despite owning the dog for only 48 hours, the 32-year-old account manager appeared to have over 2,500 photos of it on her phone.

Booker added: “She must have been awake the whole time.”