Woman realises her entire romantic life has been making herself laugh in front of boring men

A WOMAN has realised her entire love life has just been her enjoying her own company in front of a succession of tedious men.

Rachel Brett, 28, said: “I was midway through a date with Simon when I realised it. He was on his fourth story about carbonara, and I’d already tuned out after the first 90 seconds.

“The night perked up when we got into a little back-and-forth riffing about forks. I remember laughing really hard and beginning to enjoy myself.

“But then I got home and it hit me. I realised that I’d been the one saying all the funny things and he’d just sat there, barely contributing at all. In fact, I think he may have had some more stories about carbonara.

“Then I thought back to all the other dates I’ve had with men I thought were funny over the years, and how lucky I’d felt to be sitting there with them. I realised that they hadn’t been amusing at all, they’d just been present whilst I was being funny.”

She added: “Since this realisation, I’ve just been going out on dates with myself, and I’m having a much nicer time.”