Woman trapped in hateful job working with stupid bastards for evil corporation seems a bit grumpy today

COLLEAGUES of a woman who is basically a slave to a vast evil corporation run by bastards have asked her why she’s being a bit moody.

31-year-old Joanna Kramer, who is being a bit quiet this morning, works in an administrative role from an insurance company whose business model is based on fucking over its customers. The rest of her team are morons who are obsessed with house prices and big tellies, she will probably have to keep working there until she is really old.

Team leader Stephen Malley asked Kramer: “What’s up with you this morning? You look like you got out of bed on the wrong side.

“Have you got period pains? Because you know that’s not a proper excuse, right?”

Tom Booker, who sits opposite Kramer, also wondered why she was in a mood and speculated that it might be because she needs a “good portion”.

Kramer said: “If you must know it’s because I hate this job, and you people, with every fibre of my being. And we’re all trapped in a stupid, vicious consumerist culture from which the only obvious escape is getting pissed a lot or death.

“But let’s just say I’m a bit tired.”