Colleagues form deepest bonds over how much they want to leave job

WORK colleagues form the most intense bonds over a shared desire to leave their current employment, it has emerged.

A subtle reference to updating a CV is more likely to create an alliance between staff members than the hatred of team building days or getting embarrassingly drunk at the office Christmas party.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “The best workplaces are those that unite colleagues in a common goal, and getting the hell away from the company they work for is a huge motivation for the vast majority of workers.

“A core feature of high functioning teams is active listening and respect for each other’s perspectives, both of which really come to the fore while having post-work drinks and bitching about line managers.

“And a terrible CEO acts incredibly well as a unifying hate figure, ensuring that people band together in a gritted-teeth, Blitz spirit kind of way. Workplaces could get a lot out of these people, if only they weren’t actively trying to f**k off as soon as possible.”

Admin assistant Nikki Hollis said: “My team and I have developed very deep relationships and would do anything for each other.

“Well, at least until someone is lucky enough to get a new job and escape. Then we slag the jammy bastard off until we’re blue in the face.”

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Six culinary fast tracks to crippling indigestion

HUNGRY? Make sure you’ve got a medicine cupboard full of Gaviscon before diving into one of these reflux-inducing treats.

Pizza delivery

You’re too lazy to be arsed to cook, and your slothful inertia is about to come at a price. Mighty meat feast with added jalapenos and onions, brought right to your door? Brilliant idea. Until you’re halfway through and your guts feel like you’re filling them with spicy cement. Get the Breville out next time, you idle bastard.

Chicken vindaloo

If you ordered a korma you’d walk away unscathed, but you don’t want the lads to think you’re a wimp so you opt for something super-hot. Your stomach acid is fizzing up your throat the moment it arrives at the table, but that doesn’t stop you shovelling it down like a real man, before running off to the loo afterwards to weep through the pain.

Bacon sandwich

Nothing could be more satisfying than crispy Danish, thick white bread and lashings of brown sauce, right? Unfortunately your stomach will think otherwise once confronted with a mix of salty, processed pork and heavily refined gluten. You’ll be knocking back shots of liquid Gaviscon like tequila on a stag do.

Pot Noodle

The ultimate quick and satisfying fast food, or so they tell you. Four minutes to make will translate into hours of crippling heartburn, which is your gut’s way of paying you back for a horrible meal of half-rehydrated noodles mixed with an excessive amount of MSG. Like you could hate yourself any more for stooping so low as to eat this shit in the first place.


It’s no wonder the Cornish are such grumpy bastards. Living on this indigestible mix of dense pastry, chewy beef and root vegetables would be enough to put the Dalai Lama in a nasty temper when the inevitable reflux kicks in. Try swilling it down with an entire bottle of milk of magnesia. It won’t help but at least you can tell yourself you tried.

Chip shop kebab

It’s late, you’ve had a skinful and the logical side of your brain has slipped into a drunken coma, so it makes perfect sense to bombard your intestines with fatty lamb, starch-laden pitta bread and lashings of hot chilli sauce. There’s not a medicine on earth that will soothe your burning stomach, and good luck with that inferno of a dump in the morning. Best cut your losses and vomit the lot up into a hedge on your way home.