Everyone in office talking about cake, thinking about cake or eating cake

EVERY member of staff in an office appears to be dangerously obsessed with cakes, a new employee has claimed.

Tom Logan, who joined Beckworth Accounting in Worcester last week, discovered that all traditional work activities have been displaced by the consumption of sweet desserts.

Logan said:“On my first day I was asked when my birthday was, then I was told I’d have to bring cakes in that day while it was marked on the calendar. I hadn’t even sat down.

“People are constantly bringing in boxes of cakes or donuts, at which point everyone rushes to their desk like feeding time on a farm, and at meetings they have eclairs.

“Fridays are the worst because they all go to a posh cake café called ‘Patisserie Exquisite’, where they finally order the cakes they’ve been discussing all week.

“They’ve got unprocessed orders going back to 2014, all covered in grease spots and crumbs. I was trying to deal with them but Pete brought me a fresh strawberry mille-feuille.”

Colleage Joanna Kramer said: “I quite like Tom, but I’m not really sure he’s on the same page as us about cake.”