SIR IAN BOTHAM in his local post office, asking how much it would cost to send a two-litre bottle of sarsaparilla to North Korea.


BOB HOLNESS dressed as a made-up superhero called CiderMan, throwing hundreds of apples against the side of an abandoned hospital in Chiswick.


BETTY BOO in central London, with head bowed, wearing a sandwich board that read ‘All the Dentists Are Dead Now’.


KEITH VAZ brandishing a large orange magnet taped to a snooker cue, which he was using to try and beckon the sun from out of the sky.

LENNY HENRY stopping passers-by in Watford and offering to carry their bags for them.


CHRISTINE BLEAKLEY pushing a stalled train along the track just outside Bournemouth, while growling ‘Come on big guy, you can make it’.