If Boris cancels my son's sh*tty nativity play, he's got my vote

By father-of-three Tom Logan

I HAVE been a left-winger all my life. I vehemently oppose Brexit. But if Boris Johnson’s December 12th election cancels my six-year-old son’s nativity play, he has my full support. 

My son Oscar’s primary school is a polling station. His performance as Balthazar (Third Wise Man) is scheduled for that very day. And, like any loving parent, I am absolutely dreading it. 

It’s not just a normal nativity. It’s got songs in it. It’s got the school orchestra. I am reliably informed they’ve shoehorned in a street dance section. It will, I am confident, make me want to die. 

And Oscar, bless him, is no actor. He isn’t even much of a reader. I’m afraid that he won’t get through his line and will either cry or have a little accident right there on the stage. 

But Boris Johnson can stop this. With his desperate election, right in the middle of the Christmas shopping period to reduce voter turn-out, he can save my Christmas. 

The school will be closed. It’ll be too late to reschedule. The whole thing will simply be cancelled, and I will walk into that booth and vote Tory for the first time in my 42 years with a light and happy heart.

Though, equally, if Swinson and Corbyn can get it together to hold a second referendum on December 16th I can promise them my Remain vote and that of my wife. 

The eldest’s appearing as Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol that day, you see. It’s going to be f**king dreadful. 


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