Brexit might not actually mean Brexit, says May

BREXIT may mean free movement, unrestrained immigration, closer ties with the EU and many other things which are not actually Brexit, Theresa May has declared. 

Following a week of negotiation with the EU, the prime minister has confirmed that the definition of Brexit is ‘on the table’.

She continued: “Brexit did, previously, mean Brexit, but words change according to usage.

“Because Brexit is a made-up word, which 18 months ago none of us knew, it really doesn’t have any fixed meaning and might end up being forgotten completely.

“Remember it was only five years ago that everyone was saying YOLO, and where is that now?

“Ultimately, Brexit means whatever you want it to mean. And I am determined to make it a success.”

Brexit voter Margaret Gerving said: “I never really knew what Brexit meant anyway. I just wanted it, passionately, with every fibre of my being.”