Cameron faces harsh performance review after missing migrant targets

THE prime minister has admitted he is not looking forward to his next performance review after missing his migrant target by a quarter of a million. 

The quarterly performance review, which is a chance for Cameron and his supervisor to discuss his progress at work, will embroil the prime minister in up to an hour of tough explanation.

He said: “They let you set the targets yourself and foolishly I went with ‘tens of thousands’ instead of ‘hundreds of thousands’ for migrants.

“I just know that when Graham takes me into the small conference room with my performance review folder he’ll do his withering shake of the head and disappointedly put his glasses on the table.

“Thankfully it’s not one of the targets that affects my bonus, so no real harm done.”

Cameron added: “The bit I always hate is when they ask where you see yourself being in five years’ time.

“The truth is I’ve never been very ambitious. I’m happy just to stay put.”