Cameron took part in sordid act with head of live billionaire

DAVID Cameron took part in ‘dirty’ rituals involving the brain and mouth of a live billionaire, it has emerged.

According to a book, the prime minister would stand in front of Lord Ashcroft and listen to the billionaire describe all the ‘deliciously sordid’ ways he manages to avoid paying tax.

A source said: “It’s an initiation ceremony for anyone who wants to be leader of the Conservative Party.

“The billionaire’s head is on top of his body which is then placed carefully on a large leather sofa.

“The ‘candidate’ has to nod vigorously while the billionaire sets out his complex tax arrangements before offering £8 million on the condition that ‘all you have to do is be nice to me’.

“The whole thing is absolutely manky and I’m not surprised he’s denying it.”