Corbyn accused of creating Scrappy-Doo

JEREMY Corbyn was instrumental in the creation of Scrappy-Doo, it has been claimed.

Labour leadership rivals claim to have footage of Corbyn in the Hannah-Barbera studio personally voicing the character’s “Lemme at ‘em,” catchphrase and insisting that children would love it.

A spokesman for Andy Burnham said: “The footage shows Corbyn sketching the character and demanding a 15 per cent gross royalty on all ‘Puppy Power’ merchandise.

“Scrappy-Doo is apparently closely based on himself and how he would run the party, with senior Labour politicians standing around being useless, like a bunch of Freds.”

Meanwhile Yvette Cooper has claimed Corbyn was solely responsible for writing, animating and voicing the Battle of the Planets inserts featuring comic relief robot 7-Zark-7.

An angry Corbyn said the allegations were a distraction from the issues and insisted Scrappy-Doo was ahead of its time.