Sunday, 25th October 2020

Corbyn not saying sorry until the Jews say sorry

CORBYN has refused to apologise for being anti-Semitic until the Jews apologise for calling him anti-Semitic. 

The obstinate Labour leader has confirmed that he will give a full and unqualified apology for all the little anti-Semitic incidents he has been caught in as soon as Britain’s Jews give him a full apology for their disgraceful slurs on his character.

He continued: “I’m not being petty but they started it.

“Yes, anti-Semitism is a terrible thing and by coincidence a lot of people I know are into it, but is it really more serious than besmirching a great anti-racist campaigner such as myself?

“All that I ask is for them to come to me, bow their heads and say ‘We’re very sorry we called you an anti-Semite, Mr Corbyn’ then I will say ‘Sorry for being one’.

“After that the matter will be laid to rest and we can get on with discussing more important issue, like library closures, NHS dentists and how awful Israel is.”