Jim Davidson winning Celebrity Big Brother was first sign of rise in neo-fascism, say experts

JIM Davidson’s 2014 victory in Celebrity Big Brother was the first sign of the rise of far-right populism, experts have confirmed.

The Institute for Studies said Davidson winning the reality TV show was ignored by western governments who did not understand the significance.

Professor Henry Bribaker said:  “We can now see that Davidson’s victory was a dry run for the Brexit vote.

“But in this case, people actually knew who and what they were voting for.”

He added: “The fact that the British public would spend even a penny making a phone call to vote for Jim Davidson should have been an obvious sign that people weren’t very happy.

“And he’s an OBE, so what does that fucking tell you?”

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Angry queue forms behind Corbyn in canteen as he dithers over pasta bake

JEREMY Corbyn took ages in the Commons canteen as he pondered aloud whether to go for the pasta bake or the vegetarian chili.

A lengthy queue, many of them his own MPs, grew increasingly furious as he mulled the decision, went into a huddle with his advisers before ultimately deciding to go for the chili.

He then changed his mind as he reconsidered the merits of the pasta bake ‘because the cheese looks nice’.

Corbyn said that he would not come to a final decision until he had issued a grassroots consultation with the party membership.

This led to further delays as he tried to put out a tweet using his Nokia phone.

As levels of exasperation in the queue became intolerable, the Labour leader then asked the cashier if he could pay by cheque.