Now do Corbyn, says Britain

THE British public has welcomed the long overdue resignation of Theresa May and asked Jeremy Corbyn to hand his in next. 

Voters believe that if the UK is finally clearing out uncommunicative and useless party leaders who do nothing but further their own interests, there is an obvious next step. 

Susan Traherne of Reading said: “Look at Theresa May’s reasons for resigning: party not with her on Brexit, check, unpopular with the electorate, check, achieved nothing in three years, well looks like it’s three in a row, Jeremy. 

“You’ve had your chance, like she had. You’ve bollocksed it up, like she did. Let’s hold a double retirement party and see if we can’t get some leaders that actually represent Britain, yeah? 

“Go on, do a big speech about how you would have been brilliant if it wasn’t for everyone stopping you, like your deluded counterpart, and then you two can have a nice long grizzle about it in the Commons bar.” 

Traherne added: “The Lib Dems should have a leadership contest too. Oh, they already are? How was I supposed to know?”