Sturgeon: England has no need to fear my reign of fire and blood

By Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party

ON FRIDAY morning the SNP will become the third largest party in the UK. Oh yes.

Some say this will cause the biggest constitutional crisis since the abdication. But I say to English voters that, as long as they do not value their lives in any way, they have nothing to fear.

Certainly we will seek concessions from the government in power, whether on Trident, handing over your children to work in our call centres, or health spending.

And while we have refused to rule out a second independence referendum, the rolling terror of the next five years which will reduce England to a silent, empty land of ragged ghosts, means it will not be a priority.

The face of British politics is changing and my face – flecked with blood and riding a battle stag as I order Hadrian’s Wall rebuilt with skulls – only reflects that.

Together we can make Britain better, as long as you agree that anywhere is better without the English.

Have a lovely day.