Support for far-right at 20-year low if you don’t include really obvious things

SUPPORT for far-right politics in Britain is at a 20-year low if you do not include things like beliefs and ideas, researchers have found.

The Institute for Studies looked at voting patterns and membership of groups like the BNP and EDL and discovered that if that is all that matters then everything is absolutely spiffing.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “We found the BNP had shrunk to the point of insignificance and so the obvious conclusion is that they all died.

“But we ran that through the computer and discovered that such a high percentage of members from the same party all dying in such a short space of time was statistically unusual.

“So we then began our quest for the Lost Tribe of the BNP.”

He added: “We packed our bags, made sure we each had a large, warm hat and set off. Two minutes later we found them.

“They all vote UKIP now. Mystery solved.”