Trump ‘Pocahontas’ comment part of move towards family-friendly racial slurs

PRESIDENT Trump’s latest racial slur is part of a White House strategy to make his offensive comments more accessible to the whole family.

After Trump referred to a senator as ‘Pocahontas’ during a ceremony honouring Navajo war veterans, his team confirmed it is the first in a new series of race-related remarks that are also fun for children.

A White House spokesperson said: “We’ve had complaints that statements made by the president are unsuitable for young audiences. He’s taken that on board, and from now on, he will ensure that kids can enjoy his bigoted cartoon references.

“He’s full of ideas for the next Native American event, including bursting into a chorus of Peter Pan’s What Makes the Red Man Red  and making some whooping noises while fanning his mouth with his hands.”

Trump also plans explaining his controversial Muslim travel ban using plot points from Aladdin, describing the ‘take a knee’ campaign by drawing analogies with the crows from Dumbo, and making his case for the border wall with an impression of Lady and the Tramp’s Mexican Chihuahua.