Olympics BMX dilemma as final clashes with tea time

BRITAIN’S 9-year-old Olympics BMX competitor is in turmoil after it emerged the final will take place when he had promised his mum he’d be home for tea.

Wiltshire-based Tom Logan had been hoping to claim gold for his nation but this could now be scuppered by meal commitments.

Logan said: “The final is at six, and I’ve already been told off once this week for being late home after the quarter finals.

“Also it’s Crispy Pancakes and Birdseye Peas tonight and, as much as I want a medal, I’m not sure I can afford to miss that.”

The Olympics BMX event has been dramatic, earlier in the week 12-year-old German veteran Hans Prochnow came off during a wheelie and cried.

Logan said: “He had all blood on his knee, it was like a horror film. His mum had to come and take him home, he was still grizzing when she carried him off the track, like a baby.”

There has also been controversy after a French rider’s dad accused Team GB of using  illegal spokey dokeys to gain an aerodynamic advantage.

Tom Logan’s mum Emma said: “He gets together with his mates, they go off and do the Olympics and forget what time it is. I keep telling him but it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference.

“If I have to send his father down the Velopark to get him it’ll end in tears.”



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