Sunday, 16th May 2021

Playing cricket in England for five days ‘practical joke that went too far’

THE idea of holding a five-day cricket match in England was initially conceived as a prank, it has emerged.

The discovery was made after researchers found an extra page of the Laws of Cricket that had fallen down behind a radiator at the Marylebone Cricket Club.

The page contained a list of further rules that gave the game away, while a footnote read: “Of course this is nonsense. We might as well suggest playing at the bottom of the sea.”

Spokesman Stephen Malley said: “Sure, it seems obvious now. Why would we schedule a game in England that needs five days without rain? But hindsight is 20/20.

“Given that we only get rain in London every other day, it’s plausible enough. Building a cricket stadium in Manchester is taking the piss, though.”