Sunday, 18th April 2021

Runner replaces photo of husband and children with Strava route

A KEEN runner has replaced the framed photo of her husband and children on her desk with a print-out of her latest Strava route.

Mum-of-three Emma Bradford removed the photograph of husband Mark and their children at Disneyworld from her home office, swapping it for a map of the local park with an orange squiggle through it.

She said: “I work hard. When I look away from my screen, I need to see something that gives me a glow of pride, that reminds me what I’m doing all this for. Not him and the kids.

“I dragged my arse around the park in the pouring rain, knackered, at 7am, and still managed to do my 10K in 53 minutes. And I’ve got the Strava map to prove it.

“I hold the photos up to the camera on Teams calls when people ask what I’ve been doing lately. I could hardly do that with the family, could I? Everyone would just do sympathy face.

“I’m training for a half-marathon in March. If I get that done I’ve got my eye on replacing that boring old wedding photo we’ve got hanging in the hall.”