Spurs to build on first 13 seconds

SPURS say they will take the positives from their unbeaten 13 seconds against Manchester City.

Villas-Boas believes football has become 'far too busy'

Villas-Boas believes football matches have become ‘far too busy’

Players have been studying the video of yesterday’s kick off to see which of their half dozen touches of the ball led to the first goal.

Manager Andre Villas-Boas said: “If we can push on from here we might be able to get a throw-in before it all turns to shit.”

Villas-Boas has also proposed that matches return to the centre circle every 10 seconds, as well as a cricket-style declaration system to end a match whenever necessary.

Meanwhile, fans have questioned the manger’s team selection which yesterday included a still-concussed Hugo Lloris playing in slippers and a dressing gown.

Villas-Boas added: “By breaking down a match into 13-second sections it’s clear we just need to work on the remaining 414 of them.

“I suspect that will be a standard quote one day – ‘it’s a game of 415 13-second sections, Brian’.”