Wales beaten at rugby by country that doesn’t even like it

RBS Six Nations 2014, England v Wales, Twickenham Stadium (London, GB) - 09 Mar 2014

WALES is in turmoil after being beaten at rugby by a country that is indifferent to the sport.

The rugby-obsessed nation suffered a crushing 29-18 defeat at Twickenham by an England team that only does it for a bit of fun.

Welshman Gwyn Morgan said: “Rugby is our main ‘thing’ and the very backbone of our national identity, so to be beaten by a country where it is only watched by retired doctors is utterly devastating.

“This sport is pretty much all we have apart from singing in choirs, and even that’s been hijacked by the BBC and that twat Gareth thingy.”

England rugby coach Stuart Lancaster said: “It felt good seeing the boys win. Up to now it’s only been a hobby, but I could really get into this niche football variant.”