Thursday, 22nd April 2021

Cat staring at that part of the wall again

A CAT has been observed staring at a certain part of the wall again for reasons known only to itself.

As three-year-old Arlo stared intently at the nondescript part of the wall in the living room, onlookers suggested he was either looking at some sort of tiny bug or communing with the souls of the dead.

Owner Sarah Thomas said: “I asked him, ‘Arlo, mate, why are you staring at that part of the wall?’.

“”Can you see dead people? Are you using your whiskers to communicate with them?’. And he just looks at me for a second then goes back to staring at the wall.

“If he is communicating with ghosts I wish he could find a way to tell us.”

She added: “Then again, if the ghosts can’t tell us they’re there then it might be a stretch for the cat to tell us, but we live in hope.”