Saturday, 8th May 2021

Man on Wikipedia skips straight to 'Controversies' section

A MAN reading about a celebrity on Wikipedia has skipped over ‘Early life’ and ‘Career’ and gone directly to ‘Controversies’.  

Tom Logan initially wanted to find out if he was older than rapper DMX, but when faced with reading his date of birth or about his feud with Ja Rule he immediately chose the latter.

He said: “I was arguing about how old DMX is, but who wants to know that when you can read about him stealing a dog from a junkyard instead?

“Then I went onto Ja Rule and his various rap feuds and his part in the Fyre festival disaster, then I read up on the Colin Farrell sex tape for a while, then the Paris Hilton sex tape, then wondered how many times Lil Wayne had been in prison, then the afternoon was gone.

“Anyway, turns out DMX is 48 so I’m way younger.”

Colleague Helen Archer said: “Yeah, it’s just instinct at this point. I wanted to know many series of QI there are left, and seconds later was reading about Alan Davies biting a tramp.”