Dogs now acting like fireworks not a big deal

DOGS are now acting as if fireworks are nothing to worry about.

After absolutely bricking it on Sunday night, and having to be shut in the kitchen on Monday because they were going mental, dogs are now claiming that explosions in the sky do not especially bother them.

Medium-sized dog Stephen Malley said: “Fireworks, car exhausts backfiring, other larger dogs…these are just a few things I’m not scared of in the slightest.

“Fireworks are just a harmless form of colourful annual entertainment and not angry demon-gods tearing the sky apart. Any idiot knows that.

“You could let a firework off right now and I wouldn’t even care. Because that’s how cool I am with fireworks.”

He added: “Although if you did I would probably get under a table, just because I like being under tables.”