Gladiators A Big Hit With Monkey Test Audience

THE new series of Gladiators has been given the green light after Britain's captive monkey population gave it a non-opposable thumbs-up.

Eeeh! eeh! aah! aah! aah! eeh! eeeh!

Sky TV has been testing the format since the start of the year with a range of caged monkey troops at zoos across the country.

A spokesman said: "The spider monkeys at Bristol Zoo absolutely loved it. They were bouncing off the walls and chucking their faeces around like it was dinner time.

"Edinburgh's macaques seemed to enjoy the round where the Gladiators bang into each other inside huge metal balls.

"We actually had to have someone in the cage constantly wiping faeces off the big screen.

"The Japanese snow monkeys at Regent's Park actually went so far as to show their buttocks to the screen during the 'hang tough' round.

"The sheer level of airborne faeces suggests they would favour Kirsty Gallacher as a possible co-host."

Sky have been using monkey test audiences since 2005, insisting they are easier to work with than human families from Glasgow, Manchester and Reading.

The spokesman added: "They're much more discriminating and there's a lot less excrement on the floor."