Middle-aged hamster buys expensive new wheel

A MIDDLE-aged hamster has bought a top of the range wheel loaded with optional extras.

Fourteen month-old Tom Logan said the wheel, which cost £5.99, is made of carbon fibre and is precision-engineered to give optimal spin when he is really ‘going for the burn’.

He added: “I realised that I used to run about a lot when I was much younger a few weeks ago, but since then I’ve just sat in a pile of wood shavings stuffing my cheeks with sunflower seeds.

“I reckon I can get up to two, maybe three miles an hour when I go for it. My thighs are really toning up.

“I feel sorry for all those fat gerbils who just sit round all weekend. I bet they can’t even fit into the tunnels in their little run any more.”

Meanwhile, friends said the purchase of the wheel coincides with a pretty young guinea pig moving in next door.