Prince Philip Eats Two Cats And A Badger

PRINCE Philip has answered critics of his participation in a fox hunt by eating two cats and a badger.

Prince Philip was fond of badgers at Gordonstoun

A Palace spokesman said: "The Prince is a traditional man who believes in the principle of an eye for an eye.

"When the protester decided to eat a dog, the Prince felt the most appropriate response was to eat two cats.

"Pound for pound, that's about the same weight as a Corgi."

The cats, volunteered by members of the Royal Household, were served as four rounds of toasted sandwiches.

The Prince said the cats were delicious and ordered his eldest son to begin marketing an organic version.

The British Constitution guarantees Prince Philip's right, as the Queen's Consort, to eat whatever he wants. In recent years he has developed a taste for stoat, albatross and canary.

The Palace spokesman added: "There's nothing unusual about the badger. He's been eating those since he was at Gordonstoun."