Dog horrified to discover owner is low-ranking beta male

A DOG has been shocked to discover his owner is not a pack leader but a lowly subordinate.  

Dog Wayne Hayes always thought he was taking orders from a dominant male and was shocked to discover his owner Tom Logan is virtually at the bottom of the pecking order.

Hayes said: “I’d always assumed my owner Tom was an alpha male because he sits on the best bit of the sofa and eats the most lasagne.

“But when we went camping with his mates then wouldn’t even let him use the barbecue and openly took the piss out of his acoustic rendition of Mustang Sally.

“Last week he took me to the office. I thought I’d be meeting other pack members led by him, I never expected to see him scuttling around taking notes for a guy called Steve.

“I can’t believe I’ve been taking shit from a beta for all these years, I’m seriously thinking about biting his ankles and making a bid for dominance.”

Tom Logan said: “It’s weird, just lately he’s been humping my wife’s leg whilst looking me dead in the eye.