Woman who says her dog gives her ‘kisses’ actually just really disgusting

A WOMAN who thinks it is cute to allow her dog to slobber all over her is actually viewed with disgust.

Francesca Johnson, 32, encourages her cocker spaniel Bobo to lick her face, even though he has also recently licked some dog food, his own balls and a German shepherd’s anus.

Johnson said: “People who think it’s disgusting just don’t understand the depth of love that can exist between a dog and a human. My boyfriend says Bobo’s not kissing me, he’s just searching my face for crumbs and snot, but I think he’s just jealous.

“Although if Bobo’s done something particularly naughty like eat some vomit off the pavement outside a pub I won’t let him kiss me for a couple of hours.

“But we adore each other so much I just don’t believe I could come to any harm. I have had worms several times, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.”

Johnson’s boyfriend Martin Bishop said: “Much as I love Francesca, after Bobo has been slobbering all over her I am reluctant to kiss her myself because it makes me think I might be indirectly kissing a dead bird he’s been snuffling around.”

Bobo said: “The first time I licked Francesca’s face I was trying to gross her out so she’d stop hassling me all the time. It totally backfired. Please help, she’s mental.”