Ask Holly: When I’m pouting I’m thinking about Euclidian geometry

Dear Holly,

Last night, Romeo and I went to see Star Wars and did the usual pointless poses in the red carpet. I might look like I belong in front of the camera, but what people don’t realise when they see me pouting vacantly in a leather jacket is that I’m actually thinking about Euclidean geometry, and trying work out what is the minimum energy configuration of N particles bound to the surface of a unit sphere that repel each other with a 1/r potential (or any potential in general). Am I a huge disappointment to my family?



Dear Brooklyn,

There’s three boys in my class called Brooklyn. We call them Brooklyn 1, 2 and 3 so we don’t get confused. Funnily enough, Brooklyn 2 is best friends with Kanye 2, and Brooklyn 1 is friends with Kanye 1. What a coincidence! We all laughed. 

Hope that helps,