Do you think Richard Hammond is single?

Dear Holly,

I’ve just come out of a long and tempestuous relationship and I’m worried about getting back into the dating game. Although I am strikingly attractive, it is pretty obvious that I am more high maintenance than a Formula 1 racing car. I need a man who appreciates that with great beauty and power comes the risk of a fatal car crash. Do you think Richard Hammond is single?

Nicole Scherzinger


Dear Nicole,

In prehistoric times, before my mummy and daddy got together, you used to have to actually go on dates with people and ask them questions about their morals and check out if they had halitosis or BO before getting married. Thankfully, because of iPhones and social media and the increasing threat of Ebola, you don’t actually have to meet anyone in person, EVER. So as long as your heavily edited Facebook profile makes you appear delightful it doesn’t matter if you are actually a dreadful headbanger.

Hope that helps,