I have completely changed my mind about Scottish independence

Dear Holly,

Call me fickle, but I have completely changed my mind about Scottish independence. It seemed like a brilliant idea a wee while ago, but when it comes down to it, I can’t actually be arsed with the whole thing. Just thinking about all the paperwork and other boring stuff we’ll have to do if we get rid of the Union, there’ll be no time left to enjoy the finer things in life. Do you think anyone will mind if I ditch the whole thing? 

Alex Salmond


Dear Alex,

Sometimes things that seem like a splendid idea in your head actually turn out to be complete idiocy. But it’s not until you take a leap of faith and put your ideas into practice that you can really know if they will work. There is a fine line between genius and getting hospitalised because your homemade Spiderman suit fails at the last minute.

Hope that helps!