I wished for an endless supply of Walkers crisps

Dear Holly,

I was walking back from the bookies the other day 20 years ago when I came across a dusty old lamp. I gave it a rub, and with a puff of blue smoke, out popped a genie. He told me I had three wishes and to use them wisely. I got rather flustered and wasted my first two wishes immediately by asking for a lifetime contract with the BBC and an endless supply of Walkers crisps. The thing is, I simply can’t think what my third wish should be. Can you suggest anything?

Gary Lineker
São Paolo


Dear Gary,

Perhaps you haven’t seen the long-running Walkers Crisps adverts but I’m afraid they make it pretty clear that your deal wasn’t with a genie, but with the Devil. Anyway, anyone with half a brain knows you use your last wish to wish for infinite wishes. Failing that, you could ask for an Elsa from Frozen costume because everywhere has completely sold out.


Hope that helps,