Is Strictly talk grounds for divorce?

Dear Holly,
Is my wife’s endless chatter about Strictly Come Dancing sufficient grounds for divorce or will I have no choice but to smother her with a pillow so that I don’t have to listen to her pointless drivel for one nanosecond longer?

Dear Brian,
All the teachers at my school love Strictly. I know this because if you hide behind the staffroom door at playtime, you can hear what they talk about when there’s no kids around. Not many people know this, but teachers don’t always want to discuss long multiplication or the water cycle. Sometimes, they like to talk about how much they’d love to sex Gary Barlow, or how they got so rat-arsed on pinot last Friday that they got off with an 18 year-old waiter called Martin from All Bar One, or how one of their husbands (who must be a trapeze artist or something) can’t get it up any longer so for some bizarre reason they’ve bought a rampant rabbit.

Why a deranged rodent will help with elevating a grown man, none of us really know.
Hope that helps!