It’s my husband’s birthday but he’s a miserable git

Dear Holly,

It’s my husband’s 65th birthday and I have no idea what to get the miserable old git. Can you suggest anything (budget approx £15)?



holly2111111Dear Camilla,

It’s always a challenge to buy a dad-present which doesn’t involve socks, whisky, or Jeremy Clarkson. Have you ever wondered why this is? At first I thought it was down to manipulation of gender preferences by major high street retailers, but it’s not. It’s because when a dad wants a treat, he doesn’t wait for someone else to get it for his birthday or Christmas: he just goes ahead and buys it for himself. While mums live in a permanent state of bitter self-denial, dads lavish gifts upon themselves all year round. So stop feeling bad about buying your husband another pair of rubbish cuff links: the chances are he’s just bought himself an iPad.

Hope that helps!