Some aspects of pregnancy are at odds with my glamorous image

Dear Holly,

I’m finding some aspects of pregnancy are at odds with the image of Hollywood glamour I usually exude, notably the haemorrhoids which I seem to have acquired. How can I continue to be inspiration for millions of wet dreams when I can’t comfortably sit down?

Scarlett Johansson

Los Angeles 

holly2111111Dear Scarlett,

I’ve asked several people to explain to me what a wet dream is (including my granny and the postman), and all of them have mumbled something inaudible and suddenly had to run for the bus. Is it one if those dreams where you’re swimming at the leisure centre and then suddenly you’re completely starkers and everyone is looking at you? And then your geography teacher turns up and forces you to do a surprise exam on river landforms and the water cycle and you wake up in a cold sweat? That’s more like a wet nightmare if you ask me.

Hope that helps!