Monday, 6th July 2020

Are you a weird Labour MP who’s obviously joined the wrong party?

ARE you an oddball Labour MP who would clearly be more at home in the Conservative Party or UKIP? Take our test…

What is your position on Brexit?
A) Remain, or a Brexit as soft as Angel Delight.
B) Let’s just get out NOW! We don’t need Merkel and Macron robbing us blind to buy panzers for their Euro-wehrmacht.

How do you relax?
A) Reading a book about the challenges of the ‘gig economy’.
B) Fox hunting, breeding poisonous snakes or writing a history of hanging.

Who are your heroes?
A) Clement Attlee, Michael Sheen, Billy Bragg.
B) Iain Duncan Smith, Steven Segal, Darth Vader.

What happens when you appear Question Time?
A) I go on and on and on about the NHS.
B) I’m mistaken for John Redwood.

What are your personal political projects at the moment?
A) Campaigning for more inner-city farms.
B) Cheap fags.

Mostly As
You are a mainstream Labour MP. Try not to vote for any massive wars.

Mostly Bs
Try googling ‘the Labour Party’ and decide if it’s really for you.