Do you put the milk in a cup of tea first or are you a normal human being?

Take our test to find out if you’re doing things the right way or you’re doing it like some sort of alien:

Do you put the diluting juice in first and then the water?
A. Yes. Of course, how else would you do it?
B. No. I put the water in and then the diluting juice, then I pour it over my own head while thinking how delicious the juice back on Jupiter is.

Do you save the bit of chocolate at the bottom of a Cornetto until last?
A. Yes. It’s the nicest bit of it and it’s at the bottom, so of course I eat that last.
B. No, I eat that bit straight away. Then I look at the rest of the Cornetto and think how strange Earthlings customs are.

Do you put the milk in a cup of tea first?
A. No, as I’m from planet Earth.
B. Of course I do, because I was born and raised on Jupiter.

Mostly As: Well done, normal person.

Mostly Bs: Fuck off back to where you came from you extraterrestrial oddball.