Sunday, 25th October 2020

Five TV shows it's okay to have a needlessly harsh opinion of

DO you need to write a scathing piece about popular TV shows in a desperate bid for clicks? Here are five easy targets.

Doctor Who With a rabid fanbase of questionable patriarchal relationships between centuries-old alien who reincarnate to dump their time-travelling young companions in distant eras, Doctor Who really gets those anger clicks. Also the resolution to the Silence arc has given you sleepless nights for six years.

The Big Bang Theory Did anyone really like this show to begin with? Why? But with 12 seasons of shameful geekiness to rip into, you cannot go wrong. And given it was no Friends, despite the best efforts of E4, you don’t need to get the names right, either. Lloyd? Sherman? Who cares?

Fawlty Towers Really go for that sacred cow. And at 12 episodes, you can blast through the lot in a single afternoon. But a risk that the gammons who love the show won’t be able to find the clickbait riddled hellhole you write for without attending a Silver Surfer course at their local library.

The Crown Want to air your anti-monarchy grievances? Put the boot in to this glamorisation of the deeply flawed lives of our rulers. Is there anything the least interesting about the Queen? Having said that, it’ll pick up when we get to the juicy stuff like Prince William’s little visits to Rose Hanbury’s gaff.