Sunday, 9th August 2020

Have you got enough crap on your hands to use a McDonalds touch screen?

Are you dying to order a burger but worried your hands are too clean? Take the test…

You are really hungry but notice you have a bit of crap on your hands. Do you:
a) Wash your hands immediately.
b) Think, fuck it, it’ll come off when I order a burger.

You decide to go to McDonalds for a spot of lunch? Do you:
a) Grab your keys, wallet and go.
b) Grab your keys, wallet, some random filth and go.

You have just been to the bog. What do you do next?
a) Wipe with toilet paper because you don’t want to walk around with shit on your hands.
b) What is toilet paper?

Before you leave the bathroom, do you:
a) Wash your hands in the sink
b) Ignore the sink. The sink seems difficult.

Mostly As
You don’t like having shit on your hands. Get to the back of the queue.

Mostly Bs
You are ready to place your order on a touchscreen. Bon apetit.